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“I met Ankur in 2015 at a real estate networking meeting.
He had been involved in Tax Sales, Sheriff Sales, and Bankruptcies. His experience has grown more than the average investor. I partnered with him on several transactions and with each subsequent deal we surpassed our expected profits. You can be a silent partner or…

be involved with the decisions if you choose.
He usually gives you 3 scenarios based on estimated renovation expenses and selling prices. He manages each project from start to finish including dealing with the lawyers, contractors and realtors at selling time. Ankur keeps you informed with the progress and short falls of the project and is 100% committed to each project completing them with quality and pride for quick sales results. In the end you share in the profits.
Because he does his due diligence before buying, you’re confident it will be a good investment.
I would recommend Ankur as a joint venture partner; he has done a deal with my son and brother as well. I look forward to investing with him in the future.”


“Ankur has excellent knowledge and expertise in real estate investing. We partnered with Ankur for one of our very first deals. We took a huge leap of faith to work with Ankur as we are from a different province (B.C.) and he did not fail to deliver. Ankur takes the time to carefully vet the details of any opportunity before he takes them to market for investors…

He is conservative in his approach to ensure he carefully manages expectations but he has a very good sense of the upside of any deal as well. He can very quickly assess an opportunity in his market and determine potential returns – pretty much on the spot. He has a strong network of professionals that he works with to ensure his deals go smoothly. Ankur manages time-sensitive issues well by keeping his attention on those tasks that are a priority. He provides regular updates during the course of an investment, and responds quickly to any inquiries.
We benefited by working with Ankur by making good ROI, Peace of mind – working with someone we trusted and win- Win approach – knowing that Ankur has the best interests of all parties at heart. We will continue to partner with Ankur on future deals.”


“I met Ankur in an investors networking event 2 years ago. Since then I have partnered with Ankur for two fix and flip deals. Ankur has an extensive knowledge in real estate investment particularly in fix and flip area. He thoroughly analyze each opportunity with his deal analyzer tool before presenting it to the investment partners…

In both deals I did with him, we both made the amount of money he said we would. He is very honest and takes extreme care in limiting the cost of fixing a properties while doing a thorough job so that return is maximized. I am glad that I had an opportunity to partner with Ankur and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ankur to anyone whose is serious about making real money in Real Estate investment.”


“I had the pleasure of working with Ankur on multiple occasions. I completed my first flip with Ankur. He brings knowledge, research and great sense of positive mindset to the projects. He is also able to come up with amazing solutions very quickly that has helped the seller as well as the investor.  Ankur has great ideas and is willing to share them…

I would definitely work with Ankur in the future. If you are new to investing and would like to learn, or experienced investor that would like to be hands free, Ankur is a great partner to have at your side.”


“Ankur is an Expert Strategist in Real Estate Investing. I met him through a common friend and I had the opportunity of partnering with Ankur on some of his deals. I hardly get time to get involved and being his partner works perfect as I don’t have to worry about anything.
His Exclusive Investor Package outlines everything about the deal…

which makes it a no-brainer Ankur has a unique approach to every deal and always has multiple exit strategies. I admire the way he structures the deals which enables him to increase the returns for the same deal. On each deal we did together, we made predictable returns or more. He takes care of everything from start to finish in a very efficient manner.
I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with Ankur and looking forward to partner with him again. He is someone you really want to connect with, if you are looking to be successful in real estate.”


“After knowing Ankur for almost two years, and observing, it was very clear that his knowledge and expertise in real estate investing was real and it was an easy choice to partner with him.
As time went on, we got to chat more and get to know more of how we live life and I was amazed that we had so many high ideals in common…”

Interacting with Ankur, is always pleasant, he listens, he understands, and it is evident he takes his real estate investing seriously and treat others as he like himself to be treated.
When it come time to deliver what was promised in the investment, there were no ifs or buts… he delivered what was promised in detail and on time.
I experienced many benefits partnering with Ankur. To name a few I can say that the first benefit is be able to communicate openly and get the facts clear before entering the deal. Then along the term of the investment he made certain, to inform me of any changes or updates. Ankur team is set properly to handle the investment deal and I had no worry or second thoughts.
Partnering with Ankur again, will be my pleasure and assurance that I will know in advance what to invest in, what is the terms and what to expect in return.
At this time, I must say that anyone who is ready or contemplate to invest in real estate with Ankur… the best thing is to connect with him in person or by phone or social media… get all your question answered, make notes and most of all, ask any questions, he will have the answer for you.
I highly recommend Ankur, he is a person of integrity, trust, common sense, and highly skilled to handle real estate deals in a professional way.”


“Ankur has wealth of knowledge when it comes to Real Estate investing in Canada. I have been in touch with Ankur and followed his advice for my properties. His Strategic approach has helped me gain better insight of situations and helped me achieve profitable results. I highly recommend Ankur if you are looking to invest in Real Estate.”

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