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I help Beginners and Professionals Real Estate Investors refine their groundwork and implement strategies to grow their business. Getting on track to being financially Free.

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The Absolute Success 1 on 1 Mentoring Program That Guarantees Results

Real Estate Investment That Works

Starting in Real Estate Investing is more than knowing strategies. You must have a solid foundation, the fundamental stepping stones in place to be truly successful.

Every business owner understands this but, so few know where to begin. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many pieces that need to come together to create a thriving business.

This high-end mentoring program is for those who are willing to work hard to succeed. I will guide you as you build your business from the ground up or re-invent your current real estate investment business. Become a successful, financially secure enterprise while avoiding the many pitfalls along the way.


He brings knowledge, research and great sense of positive mindset to the projects. He is also able to come up with amazing solutions very quickly that has helped the seller as well as the investor.  Ankur has great ideas and is willing to share them. I would definitely work with Ankur in the future. If you are new to investing and would like to learn, or experienced investor that would like to be hands free, Ankur is a great partner to have at your side.”
– Jack M

“Ankur has wealth of knowledge when it comes to Real Estate investing in Canada. I have been in touch with Ankur and followed his advice for my properties. His Strategic approach has helped me gain better insight of situations and helped me achieve profitable results. I highly recommend Ankur if you are looking to invest in Real Estate.”
– Pranesh A

“I met Ankur in 2015 at a real estate networking meeting.He had been involved in Tax Sales, Sheriff Sales, and Bankruptcies. His experience has grown more than the average investor. I partnered with him on several transactions and with each subsequent deal we surpassed our expected profits.”       
– Mike F

“Ankur is an Expert Strategist in Real Estate Investing. His Exclusive Investor Package outlines everything about the deal which makes it a no-brainer Ankur has a unique approach to every deal and always has multiple exit strategies. I admire the way he structures the deals which enables him to increase the returns for the same deal.”
– Joyitha G

After knowing Ankur for almost two years, and observing, it was very clear that his knowledge and expertise in real estate investing was real and it was an easy choice to partner with him. I highly recommend Ankur, he is a person of integrity, trust, common sense, and highly skilled to handle real estate deals in a professional way.”
– Nick C

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Absolute Success 1 ON 1 Mentoring 6 Months
1 on 1 Mentoring Sessions 12
24/7 Access to Ankur Puri Unlimited*
Business Mastery Class Included
On-Site Visits with Ankur 2
Property Walk-Through with Guidance 2
Access to Ankur’s Seminars and Mastermind FREE*
Access to Ankur’s VIP Private Deals & Power Network Lifetime FREE
Access to All Scripts, Deal Analyzers, Contracts & More Lifetime FREE
Access to Top Mastermind Strategy Videos Lifetime FREE

*For the 6 month duration. Includes 1 Paid Mastermind

What to expect when you join…

  • 1.   1 on 1 Mentoring Sessions:

    From just starting out to becoming great at flipping houses, learn how to run your business in the most profitable way possible. From accounting and marketing to building your own professional network, your in-person or Zoom meetings with Ankur Puri will get your questions answered and give you step by step guidance on what to do next.

  • 2.  24/7 Access to Ankur:

    Having access to a master at flipping houses and turning stones into gems, can really accelerate your path to success. With 24/7 access to Ankur via phone or email, you can get your questions answered at any time – this is priceless! It’s like having a library of real estate information at your fingertips!

  • 3.   Business Mastery Class:

    To succeed you need to have a solid foundation and in business that comes in the form of an action plan. But it has to be personalized to your specific business. The Business Mastery Class is a 2-3-hour class where you get guidance in creating your own personalized action plan, giving your business the accelerated push to success.

  • 4.   On Site Visits:

    In your on-site visits with Ankur, you get to learn outside of the classroom. See strategies in action, learn how to analyze and negotiate. These hands-on site visits with him will give you the great opportunity to put into practice what you have learned.

  • 5.   Property walkthrough with Guidance:

    Before investing you have to do your due-diligence. Otherwise you are risking your and/or your investor’s money. Ankur will walk you through the steps you should take before investing. From pre-visit due diligence, how to conduct a house inspection, analyzing your findings and how to negotiate.

  • 6.   Access to Seminars and Mastermind:

    Get FREE access to all seminars and Mastermind videos. Get your Free spot to events such as his speaking engagement with the Shark Tank Investor Kevin Harrington. Continue to learn from the masters even after you’ve finished your mentoring program.

  • 7.   Access to Ankur’s VIP Private Deals and Power Network:

    Lifetime, Free access to Ankur Puri’s “inner circle”. Get access to Ankur’s deals first and either learn from them and how he puts them together or take the opportunity to invest yourself.

  • 8.   Access to All Scripts, Deal Analyzers, Contracts and more:

    Simplify your life and save time in your business with great tools such the Ultimate Deal Analyzer (a $497 value alone!). As he creates more valuable tools in the future, you will get access to them for FREE.

  • 9.   Access to Top Mastermind Strategies Videos:

    The world of Real Estate is always changing. From mortgage laws to taxes. With those changes investment strategies will have to change and adapt as well. By joining the Absolute Success 1 on 1 Mentoring Program you will get Free Lifetime access to all Mastermind strategies – new and old.

My Guarantee to You…

If you join the 1 on 1 Mentoring Program for 6 months, I guarantee you will double your investment that you made in this program.**

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Why I Can Help You

When I came to Canada in 2010, my passion was real estate.

But I got a job at a restaurant for not much more than minimum wage at the time. One day, that was it. I decided I was going to follow my dream.

I attended seminars, I took courses and spent over tens of thousands in the process. I still didn’t have success. There was no real system to success. It was all scattered information – in everything there was no clear path to take me to the next level.

Even after spending so much money, I still had not tasted success. Not even a little. And…. I was broke.

I only had $98.25 left in my bank.

But it was with despair banging on my door, I finally managed to land my first successful deal. (It netted me $10,000) From then on, I continued to make successful, strategic investments. Learning and refining multi-step techniques along my way to a successful business.

And now? I am a successful Strategic Real Estate Investor, a speaker and a mentor. I have flipped over 18 properties in 3 years with Net Profits of 1.2+ Million. Making both my partners and myself very wealthy.

And I have taken everything I’ve learned over the past years and put it into a system that allows you to cut through all the Bullshit and fasttrack your way to success.

As the “Expert Strategist” in Real Estate Investing, I am well known for producing 20-30%+ ROI. With my guidance and the steps I am going to teach you, you too can experience those same returns in the future.

So STOP wasting time! And join my mentoring program today!

There are only limited spots available. If you don’t save your spot now, I can’t guarantee you will get one – or that I will even offer this again in the future!

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Guarantee-**Student must follow ANK Real Estate Investments Inc. Absolute Success 1-on-1 Mentorship Program.  If the student does not double his/her mentoring fees in cash, equity or any other form by the end of the 6 month program,  his/her mentoring program will be extended until he/she does. In order for this guarantee to be valid, students must take timely action to complete their tasks and be diligent in setting up their sessions.  If the student does not follow up and/or fails to take timely action, this guarantee will become null and void. No refund will be given. The Student acknowledges that every investment has its’ own combination of risks and that this program carries its own risks. Only those who wish to become financially free and are ready to act will be considered. Individual performance depends on the particular individual, time availability and the dedication of the student.