Strategic Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Mentor and upcoming Author

Ankur Puri is a Successful Strategic Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Mentor and upcoming Author.

After immigrating to Canada in 2010, Ankur worked in a restaurant for close to minimum wage. With No Money, No Credit or Experience, he decided to quit his job to follow his passion for Real Estate. With only $98.25 left to his name, he made his first successful deal netting him $10,000 dollars.

  • Ankur has done all his deals No Money Down and has flipped over 18 properties in 3 Years with Net Profits of 1.2+ Million Dollars.

  • With Multi-Strategic approach towards each deal, Ankur has created Massive Wealth for himself and his partners.

  • His Creative Techniques ended up buying him a Four plex for $8,008 Dollars.

  • Ankur has a system to Deep Discounted Properties for Fix and Flip or for long term rental income.

  • He is considered by many as an “Expert Strategist” in Real Estate Investing.

  • Ankur focuses on helping homeowners with unforeseen situations leading to sell their property/s and is well known among his J.V. Partners for producing 20%-30%++ ROI.

  • Ankur is dedicated to help others achieve their success through his Absolute Success 1 on 1 Mentoring Program and Online Courses.

Ankur says, ” J.V. Partnership is like short-Term Marriage leading to

Long-Term Relationships”

Ankur Believes, “A Real Investor makes Money either way the

Market Turns.”

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